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Iva Davidova
Iva Davidova was born on 10.12.1988 in Sofia. More 4-year old is interested to music. Unreservedly supported by family, she began playing the piano and to develop their musical talents as implemented pop songs of various performances and competitions. Her first appearance on stage is eight-year-old age in the gym of Art Palace of Culture, Pernik. After years in which its interests gravitate between pop music and folklore, while solar singer not detect its unique place in folk music, thanks to their meeting with the composer Kaloyan Bakalov. As prima donna of children's choirs perform very authentic folk songs and won first prizes and diplomas from the "East-west euro intelekt" - 1999. National Palace of Culture in Sofia, Orfeevo izvorche - 2002., competition Festival "Youth create" - 2001 at the Sofia municipal council, for the spring festival folk village Dren - 2001 years, "little big stars" - 2000. in Plovdiv and others.

Only 14-year radiant Iva is the first performer of a studio Veselin ", which record individual song entitled "The Sun" (bulgarian: "Слънце")- 2002. with the arrangement of Kaloyan Bakalov. As beautiful composition was shot and the same video. After many recordings of Macedonian and shopski songs: "Ponapil mi se Iliya", "Vnimavay koga se zhenish", "Zakoli mi cherna kokoshka", "Zaydi, zaydi yasno slantse", "Rada radomirka", "Song for Raina Popgeorgieva" "Pohvali se moma Elka" and others., Each song the young endowment load with his positivism and love to Bulgarian folklore. The song "Rada radomirka", was granted to Iva by popular singer Georgi Gyolski becomes total hit.

In 2006 young performer issued his first independent album "Sunshine". It recovered some of the best folk songs by Macedonian and Shopski Region end and treated with modern arrangement. Arrangers in the album are Kaloyan Bakalov, Borislav Zgurovski, Peter Peykov, Anatoly Kirov and others.

Blestyashtoto performance for the song "Zaydi, zaydi yasno slantse", the name of Iva Davidova is a note along to such artists as Alexander Sarievski, Zafir Hadzhimanov and Nikolina Chakardakova mentioned in the famous site for video-sharing Youtube.com.

Iva Davidova is a graduate of German Language School. Fluent in German and English. He is currently a student majoring in psychology in SWU "Neofit Rilski" Blagoevgrad. As a young and extremely positive person, it aims to songs by involving younger generation of Bulgarian folk music, offering a combination of talent, energy of youth and strength of the Bulgarian traditions.

Since the beginning of 2008 Iva is part of the musical family of Ara Music.

The song "Zaydi, zaydi yasno slantse" performed by Iva Davidova.

The song "Rada radomirka" performed by Iva Davidova.

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