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Glossary of old Bulgarian words

The Bulgarian language is a vast treasure. Over the centuries has come to enrich the state in which each region has its expressions and phrases so-called dialects. Many of them have disappeared, others are still in use in the talks language.

A long time team site Bulgarian folk www.folklore-bg.com prepares for its readers Glossary old Bulgarian and dialectal words.

The dictionary is open to complete. We know that this is neobyatna matter and will be happy if you help us to supplement. Send us your suggestions (new words) of e-mail: folklorebg@yahoo.com

17 November 2008 - www.folklore-bg.com
Ivailo Parvanov
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  San Francisco World Music Festival

The San Francisco World Music Festival will celebrate its Ninth Anniversary with an exciting gathering of some of the most interesting musicians in the world. “The San Francisco World Music Festival has a reputation for experimentation as an indirect call for cultures to share peace and understanding.” (The San Francisco Chronicle, 2004). For the past eight years, the San Francisco World Music Festival has commissioned musicians and artists from different countries to collaborate together to create a new evening-length performance as the centerpiece premiere of the festival.

10 November 2008 - San Francisco, USA
Balkanfolk Team
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  Празник на Българското народно танцово изкуство

На 19.12.2008 год./петък/ от 14.00 часа в Голямата зала на Община Ямбол ще се проведе празник на Българското народно танцово изкуство по случай Коледните и Сурвакарски празници. Празникът има конкурсен характер.

Организатори на празника са: Община Ямбол, Общество за фолклор за югоизточна България и Младежки дом ”Георги Братанов” Ямбол.

8 November 2008 - Ямбол
Boris Dimitrov
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"Силата на духа срещу наркотиците" vol.4

ПОКАНА от Красимир Низамов,
гл.худ. р-л на Фолкорен ансамбъл ”БИСЕР” Благоевград

Имаме удоволствието да Ви поканим на организираният за четвърти път от нас концерт под надслов: „СИЛАТА НА ДУХА СРЕЩУ НАРКОТИЦИТЕ” vol.4

Заповядайте на 14.11.08 в зала ”П.ЯВОРОВ” от 18.30 ч.
гр. Благоевград

Поканили сме фолклорни групи да представят РОДОПСКА, ТРАКИЙСКА, СЕВЕРНЯШКА, ШОПСКА и ПИРИНСКА етнографски области а именно:

Клуб "Хоро" - Смолян,
ТФС при читалище "Хр. Смирненски" с. Лозен, София
Клуб "Хорце" - Стара Загора
Фолкорен ансамбъл ”Бисер” - Благоевград

Вход свободен.

6 November 2008 - Благоевград, България
Красимир Низамов
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  Фолклорен концерт на Поли Паскова - "Свята земя, българска"

На 30-ти октомври Поли Паскова ще направи самостоятелен концерт в най-голямата концертна зала в България. Певицата ще представи официално песните от новия си албум “Късмет” в Зала 1 на НДК – София. Спектакълът е наречен "Свята земя, българска", защото включва и песни от предишни албуми.
бичаната народна певица е поканила трима специални гости – Николай Славеев, Нончо Воденичаров и Борис Дали. Публиката ще чуе песните „Трудно се рожба отглежда”, „Пирин фолк”, „Море, калинчице”, „Лажи, Вере”, „Остана Радка млада вдовица” и „Грешна любов”

20 October 2008 - София, Зала 1 на НДК
Balkanfolk Team
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Children’s Ensemble Zornitsa opened the new dancing season

On September 17, the Day of Sofia, Bulgarian Children’s Ensemble Zornitsa from Sofia opened the new dancing season.

23 September 2008 - Sofia, Bulgaria
Ivailo Parvanov
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16th festival Pirin Folk 2008

The 16th festival for Macedonian folklore based songs Pirin Folk 2008 has come to an end. The three festival days on 5, 6 and 7 September were launched on TV in live on MSAT, Planeta, Fan TV, Planeta folk, Folklore TV and the gala evening on Bulgaria’s satellite channel TV Bulgaria.

Three dance ensembles – Chinari, Ethnorhythm and Zornitsa – took part in the spectacles, the director of the festival Stefan Milov announced.

The stage was representing the popular architectural monument ‘The devil’s bridge’. Two of last years’ winners – Petko Zahariev and Ivan Dyakov sang on 5 September accompanied by the outstanding dancers of the Zornitsa ensemble.

9 September 2008 - Sandanski, Bulgaria
Balkanfolk Team
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Caribbean, Ballroom and Bulgarian traditional dances

Caribbean, Ballroom and Bulgarian traditional dances,
Lira Group Dance Company

New beginner’s classes on Caribbean dances, Ballroom dances and Bulgarian traditional dances from September 18th More info at http://www.liragroup.eu/, info@liragroup.eu, тел. 0888-503213, 0888-678963.


8 September 2008 - Sofia, Blagoevgrad
Boris Dimitrov
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36th International Folklore Festival Bourgas

The International Folklore Festival was created in 1965 and since then it has gained international prestige as a result of its high professionalism and the authenticity of the peoples’ traditional wealth. In 1978 it was granted membership of The International Council of the Organizers of Folklore Festivals – CIOFF; since 2001 it is a member of the International Festivals & Events Association Europe /IFEA/. Every year representatives of different continents meet at the sea shore to present the folk heritage they bear deep in themselves.

Concerts in Bourgas and its region, a festive parade, a scientific conference, traditional souvenirs exhibition with bazaar, folk crafts workshop, photographing and videotaping of the festival activities are also included in the Programme of the International Folklore Festival.

11 August 2008 - Bourgas, Bulgaria
Boris Dimitrov
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  International Ethno Seminar at the Grammar School of Rudnik - Serbia

“And songs, my child, songs and music make a nation. Every bird sings in its own voice. Every nation has its own voice, too and its own song by which it is known. When you meet a stranger never ask him who he is and where he comes from. Let him sing or play to you and all will be clear to you…” This is said in “The Legacy of Songs and Plays” by Stefan Nemanja.

In these days the Grammar School of Rudnik is hosting a seminar for folk and ethnic traditions in which people from France, Germany, Israel, Japan, Republika Srpska, and Belgium participate. The Japanese patricipant arrived with a direct flight from Tokio to Belgrade. All this was organized by Aleksander Sasha Smrekic, artist director of the Cultural and Artist Society “Abrasevic” from Cacak and Vladimir Tanasijevic, artist director of the Academic Artist and Cultural Society “Branko Krsmanovic” from Belgrade. Boris Dimitrov from Sofia is the third performer, he is the founder of “Balkanfolk”, a society for cultivation of Bulgarian and Balkan folklore. He lectures basic steps of original dances from his country.

8 August 2008 - Rudnik, Serbia
Борис Димитров
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