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010157 - Jewish songs from Bulgaria
Artist: Bulgarian Artists
Label: Gega New

Price: 19.60 лв 13.72 лв
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This is the first CD of its kind released in Bulgaria and representing songs of the Bulgarian Jews in the three languages practised in this country - Yiddish (Ashkenazi, German Jews), Ladino (Sepharadim, Spanish Jews) and Hebrew. Prof. Nikolai Kaufmann, the eminent Bulgarian composer and scholar, has traced, written down and arranged the lyrical songs, both sacred and everyday in function. The album is not only of musical and artistic value, but it is also an invaluable contribution to the historiography of the song genre, which has existed and still exists in the Balkans, the dialect songs of Bulgarian Jews in particular. .
01 Mazal tov (Yiddish) 1'54"                      
02 Two Old Love Songs (Sephardic) 8'36"                      
03 Song without Words (Yiddish) 2'47"                      
04 Oye joya (Sephardic) 3'02"                      
05 Noches, noches (Sephardic) 6'22"                      
06 Ia keria (Sephardic) 3'43"                      
07 Adio, querido (Sephardic) 3'40"                      
08 Esterina Sarfati (Sephardic) 2'26"                      
09 Durme, durme (Sephardic) 3'09"                      
10 In ades (Sepharadic) 3'55"                      
11 Es brennt (Yiddish) 3'46"                      
12 Galana (Sepharadic) 2'50"                      
13 Esta montaña (Sephardic) 4'56"                      
14 Unser nigendul (Yiddish) 2'44"                      
15 Leha dodi (Hebrew) 2'48"                      
16 Hggadah - Pesah song (Sephardic) 3'09"                      
17 Hava na gila (Hebrew) 2'36"                      

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