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081800 - Pashalna Zlatoustova sveta liturgia Hristos voskrese (2 CD)
Artist: Choir of St. Alexander Nevsky Patriarchal Cathedral, Sofia
Label: Gega New
Year: 2004

Price: $20.80
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Paschal Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom – Christ is Risen in two CDs, performed by the Choir of St. Al. Nevski Patriarchal Cathedral.
The release is dedicated to the 2000th anniversary of Christ’s Nativity and the 80th anniversary of the Consecration of the St. Aleksandar Nevski Patrairchal Cathedral (1924 - 2004).

Metropolitan Neofit
Bishop Pavel
Priest Antonii Naidenov
Priest Mihail Mihailov
Priest Ivan Mihov
Deacon Ivan Ivanov
Deacon Peter Yanakov
Nikolina Pankova Maya Vassileva

CD 1
1 Bell Chimes of the "St. Alexander Nevsky" Patriarchal Cathedral, Christ is Risen - P. Dinev, A. Badev, D. Hristov 7'01"                      
2 Great Litany (Velika ektenia) - A. Arkhangelsky 6'43"                      
3 Bless the Lord, O My Soul (Blagoslovi dushe moya, Gospoda) - D. Hristov 1'57"                      
4 Litte Litany (Malka ektenia) - I. Kochetov 1'24"                      
5 O Only-Begotten Son (Edinorodnii Sine) - A. Slonov 1'46"                      
6 Little Litany (Malka ektenia) - S. Smolensky 1'42"                      
7 Christ Is Risen (Hristos voskrese) - D. Hristov 0'33"                      
8 In the Church you Bless your God and Lord (V tserkvah blagoslovite) - Eastern chant, mode 2 1'20"                      
9 Christ is Risen (Hristos voskrese), mode 5 and Even if you have Descended into the Grave (Ashte i vo grob) - Eastern chant, mode 8 2'26"                      
10 Elici: Baptized in Church and Blessing from the Bishop 7'01"                      
11 Apostolic and Evangelic Reading (Acts 1:1 - 8, John 1:1 - 17) 10'50"                      
12 Litany of Fervent Supplication (Suguba ektenia) - * * *, Misho Todorov, D. Hristov Little Litany (Malka ektenia) - P. I. Tchaikovsky 10'25"                      
13 Cherubic Hymn (Herouvimska pessen) - G. Musicescu 10'04"                      
CD 2
1 Litany of Supplication (Prositelna ektenia) and I Shall Love Thee, My Lord (Vozlyublyu Tya, Gospodi) - A. Popkonstantinov 7'08"                      
2 Credo (Veruyu) - A. Arkhangelsky 8'13"                      
3 Mercy of Peace (Milost mira) No. 1 - N. Sokolov 8'13"                      
4 The Angel Cried (Angel vopiyashe) - P. Makarov 4'33"                      
5 Litany of Supplication (Prositelna ektenia) - D. Hristov 5'41"                      
6 Our Father (Otche nash) - N. Kedrov, Senior 6'29"                      
7 The So Called (Sei narechenii) - S. Degtyarev 6'54"                      
8 Dismissal, Sermon, and Grant O Lord Many Years (Otpoust, Slovo, Mnogoletiya) - D. Bortnyansky, V. Titov, S. Prokofiev 18'16"                      
God has Given to us Immortal Life (I nam darova) - A. Popkonstantinov                      
Solemn Bell Chimes                      

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